Beast of Lepidstadt


The Beast of Lepidstadt is ugly, kind, angry, and gentle. It is also noble, terrible, incredible, and frightful. But the Beast has been given its name erroneously. While the creature looks like a monster, it is an intelligent creature, and beneath the surface it is a pitiable thing with a soul. Although it has killed before, the Beast possesses a childlike innocence, and in each case the killings were brought on by the victims themselves, who taunted or attacked the Beast, causing it to fly into a berserk rage.

Over the years, the Beast has learned to control its rage somewhat, though the stress of battle inevitably causes it to lose control and go berserk. After it kills, the Beast is filled with sorrow and tries to understand why people hate it. The Beast realizes it’s not human, and seeks to better understand humans, even memorizing the verses in an old book of Taldan poetry it came across in an attempt to find some meaning. Although it no longer makes the
mistake of trying to join human society, the Beast desperately wants to be accepted, and has returned children lost in the forest unharmed to their homes in the hope of gaining some measure of tolerance.

Even the Beast’s creator—the deposed count Alpon Caromarc—now views his creation as a
mistake; the Beast could never be the son he and his dead wife had sought. The Beast is aware that it has disappointed its creator, but does not know why. It has forgiven the count, although at times it forgets what it has forgiven.

Beast of Lepidstadt

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