The Shudderwood is one of the largest forests in northern Avistan, with half of its area in Ustalav and the other half in the Worldwound.

The Shudderwood in Ustalav is almost entirely within the county of Lozeri covering most of that county to the point that, for many, the Shudderwood and Lozeri are synonymous. There is a small part of the wood in eastern Vieland. Many rivers flow through the wood including: the Buestral River, the Calscroix River, the Mothburn, the Moutray River, and the Troll’s Tail. The Dippelmere Swamp lies in the Vieland portion of the wood.

Standing at the edge of the Shudderwood is almost like staring into another world. Ominous, towering pine trees blot out the sunlight, allowing only occasional splinters of light to pierce through. Within this dimness, broken branches and occasional shrubs growing up through fallen trees create shadowy illusions both wondrous and haunting. Apart from pallid lichens, colorful fungi, feathermoss, and wintergreen, little else grows in the forest. The Shudderwood possesses an eerie stillness only occasionally lifted by the sounds of passing birds and small animals scurrying across the dry pine needles littering the forest floor.


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