Schloss Caromarc


Schloss Caromarc lies some 24 miles north and east of Lepidstadt in a rocky gorge at the edge of the Dippelmere Swamp. It is the dwelling of Count Alpon Caromarc, the former ruler of Vieland who abdicated his position when the Palatinates threw off the heavy yoke of the aristocracy

An eccentric recluse, Count Caromarc has built a dwelling that both attracts and deters visitors. Known as the Hanging House, Schloss Caromarc lies to the northeast of Dippelmere Swamp, and is actually several buildings built into the walls of a gorge above a waterfall. Although the lower parts of the house are as luxurious as one might find in any city, the further up the gorge one goes, the more treacherous and inhospitable the buildings become.

Paranoid about his experiments and discoveries being stolen, the eccentric Count Caromarc has, it is rumored, trapped parts of his castle to prevent theft, and constructed numerous guardian creatures to serve and protect him.

At the very top of the tallest tower, Caromarc has created a machine that can harness the powers of lightning, and also control The Beast of Lepidstadt from some distance away. He calls it his Bondslave Thrall.

Schloss Caromarc

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